[ILUG-BOM] Open SUSE 10.2 Disks Required

Pradeepto Bhattacharya pradeeptob@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jan 19 11:49:47 IST 2007


On 1/19/07, Vihan Pandey <vihanpandey at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Are u aware of the licensing - actually patent - issues. Any one
> > redistributing to you will be in violation of Novell's patent deal
> > with M$. M$ has the right to sue you and any other free-beer
> > downloaders and users of the distro.
> > Download at your own risk.
> i guess we ought to start a switch off Suse campaign. That ought to send a
> message to Novell.

        No, OpenSUSE has caused no harm. And its a community project.

> How many Suse users here would be willing to migrate to say Debian or Fedora
> or anything else that is Free as in Freedom?
> Don't worry guys apt and yum and give yast a real run for its money :-)

         Heh, yum is no way close to apt in first place. And trust me
Yast is good, the problem ( something which I personally heard SUSE
devs/employees say ) is that Yast doesnot tell the user much what it
is doing. But from what I understand Yast just *does* its job, which I
thinks is pretty good enough.

           Btw, I am Kubuntu user ( maybe a bit unhappy Kubuntu user
at times, thanks to *optimisations* by them,  I wonder why I don't
build the whole thing from svn, since as it is I am building a large
part of it daily. Time to change soon maybe ) .


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