[FSUG-Bangalore] [Fsf-friends] Boycott Novell Protesters Man-handled at National Conference on Free Software 2008

haynes davis haynesdavis at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 14:17:50 IST 2008

> another request: Personal attacks are a strict no-no. I hope they were
> written in the heat of the moment, and will be withdrawn. We should be able
> to differ without imputing motives or questioning personal integrity.
I will withdraw the comments if you please explain to me what is the wrong
with the thing i have said? I cannot deceive myself by withdrawing what i
have said.

> Most egroups function quite well on just the rule of courtesy:
> It is always okay to disagree. It is never okay to disagree rudely.
> You have a right to feel anyway you feel. How you act on those feelings is
> what is important.
> Treat all members with civility and respect.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to disrespect one or two to respect the
greater cause, The Freedom......even though i have not disrespected any one
in my previous mail. I have raised some questions and if someone is involved
its not my fault. And i believe these are to be discussed here because
someone foolishness should not hinder our march towards Freedom. Every one
knows how difficult it is to fight these proprietary giants. Our only
strength is the strength of our ideology. i dont want to see the free
software  group to be limited just as a technical group (20 common persons
in 50 mailing list, think what is the reach of such a group)  It should
become a movement, a mass movement where every one will love free softwares.
the conference in kochi was successful to great extent in that manner. It is
clear that some persons wanted to sabotage it. Some were writing in news
papers its cpim  hijack. I will ask whose interest are they protecting? In
the struggle which we all have to fight together.....some are , may be due
to their prejudice, kicking on ourself. What else do the incidents  in kochi
show to us. Nagarjuna was there on the stage..why didnot he go paste poster?

*Our **freedom shall not violate the freedom of others. **

*see how the protest was against the Freedom concept


*His protest through the poster campaign is well within his rights in this
democratic society so long as it is in public place. It was tolerable any
where in the campus walls, except on the posters put up by others. In any
case not on the board of novell placed in the rented exhibition stall inside
the hall. If Anivar is having any regard for the freedom he cherishes and
preaches with respect to software, he shouldnot have pasted his posters on
the novell's board inside the exhibition hall. On the complaint from the
novell representative, Anivar was asked not to do this. But he threatened
the organisers that he will paste 10 posters for every poster removed. On
such expression of arrogance and attack on the freedom of the novell to have
its board placed in its paid stall, organisers of the exhibition ordered
Anivar to be sent out of the novell's stall. This is what has happened.
Anivar could have even taken a stall on rental and exhibited his ideas.
Anivar freedom shall not violate the freedom of others. *
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