[Fsf-friends] [MAJOR X-POST] Re: BIS committee votes against ooxml

krishnakant Mane krmane at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 12:38:50 IST 2008

congradulations to all.
this is another stinging slap on the faces of those who feel that
typicle managers and businessmen sitting in big AC cubicles having
gone through all the management education are the only people who can
affect the world and not the community.  so the community has made it
clear that with no selfish gain for any individual as such, huge
marketing gurus can be stopped from attempting to rule the world in
the pretention of "just doing good business ".  afterall it is the
community which has created such a positive impact for the public
this is indeed a major win for the community and we all must thank the
frontline freedom fighters who did not allow ooxml to become an
unwanted standard imposed on every one.
the worthless wheed has been pulled out at least from india, thanks to
nagarjun venki etc.  I know venky personally and I happen to work with
nagarjun in the HBCSE lab of TIFR as a project fellow.  we have often
discussed this issue for hours and before this email I was fortunate
to hear the good news from his mouth.
I have seen him working for long hours and taking all the stress for
this day.  and to the community I have a message.
"those who either still don't know what is all this about ooxml or who
feel that they won't get affected, Please do some reading on this
issue ".
happy hacking.

On 20/03/2008, Raj Mathur <raju at linux-delhi.org> wrote:
> On Thursday 20 Mar 2008, Nagarjuna G. wrote:
> > India's BIS votes against ooxml. out of 19 members, five of them did
> > not attend the meeting, one of them abstained, five voted in favor of
> > ooxml, and the rest voted against.
> Major win for the community, and I'd like to extend personal thanks to
> the 3 people who I know have been putting in long hours into this
> effort with no gain:
> - Nagarjuna
> - Venky (of Red Hat)
> - Prabir Purkayastha
> That isn't an exhaustive list by any means, and it'd be great if you
> guys could enumerate the other people who have contributed to this win.
> A request to the community: if you have the time and the inclination,
> please take a few minutes and send a personal mail thanking these
> front-line warriors. If we can come up with the list of organisations
> who voted against OOXML and a contact person, a mail to each of those
> organisations wouldn't go amiss either.
> I'm convinced that if Prabir, Venky, Nagarjuna and the others in the
> team hadn't worked like dogs for months on end, today we'd be seeing a
> proprietary standard for all our documents. Must feel good to see all
> that work pay off, huh? :)
> Regards,
> -- Raju
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