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Frederick Noronha [फ़रेदरिक नोरोनया] fred at bytesforall.org
Fri Apr 4 00:14:05 IST 2008

Kussh, You're also wlecome to join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ilug-goa
Kindly see http://wikiwikiweb.de/LugsList

On 04/04/2008, Kussh Singh <kussh.singh at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Frederick,
>  Is there any unofficial site for open source/free software
>  hobbyists/nerds etc in India where information they have collected
>  with some effort could be shared.
>  e.g. I have quite a few ebooks now on technology and management which
>  i am unable to share due to lack of webspace, lack of anonymity and
>  legal restrictions etc. Was thinking of a hackers meeting
>  joint/exclusive club --the mumbai LUG seems to be dead/irrelevant --it
>  seems we don't have the sharing/giving/meritocracy culture that is
>  found in the west--here its a dog eat dog world.
>  Kush
>  ps: pls reply to kussh.singh at gmail.com
> --
>  http://core.nic.in
>  http://directory.fsf.org http://ohloh.net

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