[Fsf-friends] Re: suggestions needed on an initiative

Puneet Goel puneet.maillist@gmail.com
Sat May 14 11:27:11 IST 2005

On 5/14/05, Krishna Pagadala <krishnaact@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Punnet,
>  Sorry. I live in US, so I cant be of much practical
> help. So while emails matter, I was not sure that I
> another comment would useful.

That doesn't matter. Whatever and wherever you can help that should be
fine. Even though I am also on move much time for my bread and butter
and again in few days I may go out of India but still we can try to
push things in our own capacity.

>  Coming to the matter on hand. I think that only a
> handful of students in any given college will be
> interested. I think we should target them by personal
> contact. My plan of action would be to drop into a CS
> lab, catch the students who are in there of their own
> interest (not just because it is a lab period), and
> see if they are interested. 1st and 2nd years students
> are ideal.

You are right in this. Personally I also don't expect too many people
to join. If we can bring 500 active participants, then also I will
think that our work is accomplished, and we have achieved something
significant. Why I was talking big numbers is simple. If we target
thousands then only 100 will come. So let's target as many as
possible, we will get some cool folks for sure (Marketing's first
mantra). Pulling 500 resources should not be that much difficult
considering if all of us try best in our capacities.

> From the FLOSS report
> http://floss.infonomics.nl/report/Final4.htm#_Toc13908256
> We know that 2/3rds of the FLOSS community are
> motivated to join and stay in FLOSS for the following
> reasons.
> 1) Share knowledge and skills.
> 2) Learn and develop new skills
> I think we should try to find common ground on those
> reasons. Also we should mention that their job
> prospects will improve (and they will, it happened to
> me).

You are absolutely right. People who know this and understand this are
there and will always be there. They are already contributing to
projects and that's why wheel is spinning. But we shouldn't forget one
more point that by doing this http://www.communitycode.org/ kind of
project, we are pulling new people towards FLOSS. Once they are in
then they will be in for sure.

> I am quite surprised that nobody took Thejesh up on
> his  offer of money. Maybe an award kind of system
> (from FSF) will be more useful.

FSF can take this kind of initiative without any problem.

> I am quite keen on IT@School, and Skole Linux, if
> anybody wants to take it up, I will be more than happy
> to fund it with small amounts of money.

great idea. 

Hope more people join this discussion and lend us their ideas,
particularly FSF people.


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