[Fsf-friends] Re: suggestions needed on an initiative

Thejesh GN gnthej@gmail.com
Sat May 14 21:00:01 IST 2005

We should have some kind of initiative to attract (specially students) 
towards FOSS.
May be awards,bountys,scholarships etc will surely attract people.

 On 5/14/05, Puneet Goel <puneet.maillist@gmail.com> wrote: 
> On 5/14/05, Krishna Pagadala <krishnaact@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Punnet,
> > Sorry. I live in US, so I cant be of much practical
> > help. So while emails matter, I was not sure that I
> > another comment would useful.
> That doesn't matter. Whatever and wherever you can help that should be
> fine. Even though I am also on move much time for my bread and butter
> and again in few days I may go out of India but still we can try to
> push things in our own capacity.
> > Coming to the matter on hand. I think that only a
> > handful of students in any given college will be
> > interested. I think we should target them by personal
> > contact. My plan of action would be to drop into a CS
> > lab, catch the students who are in there of their own
> > interest (not just because it is a lab period), and
> > see if they are interested. 1st and 2nd years students
> > are ideal.
> You are right in this. Personally I also don't expect too many people
> to join. If we can bring 500 active participants, then also I will
> think that our work is accomplished, and we have achieved something
> significant. Why I was talking big numbers is simple. If we target
> thousands then only 100 will come. So let's target as many as
> possible, we will get some cool folks for sure (Marketing's first
> mantra). Pulling 500 resources should not be that much difficult
> considering if all of us try best in our capacities.
> > From the FLOSS report
> > http://floss.infonomics.nl/report/Final4.htm#_Toc13908256
> > We know that 2/3rds of the FLOSS community are
> > motivated to join and stay in FLOSS for the following
> > reasons.
> > 1) Share knowledge and skills.
> > 2) Learn and develop new skills
> > I think we should try to find common ground on those
> > reasons. Also we should mention that their job
> > prospects will improve (and they will, it happened to
> > me).
> You are absolutely right. People who know this and understand this are
> there and will always be there. They are already contributing to
> projects and that's why wheel is spinning. But we shouldn't forget one
> more point that by doing this http://www.communitycode.org/ kind of
> project, we are pulling new people towards FLOSS. Once they are in
> then they will be in for sure.
> > I am quite surprised that nobody took Thejesh up on
> > his offer of money. Maybe an award kind of system
> > (from FSF) will be more useful.
> FSF can take this kind of initiative without any problem.
> >
> > I am quite keen on IT@School, and Skole Linux, if
> > anybody wants to take it up, I will be more than happy
> > to fund it with small amounts of money.
> great idea.
> Hope more people join this discussion and lend us their ideas,
> particularly FSF people.
> Cheers!
> Puneet
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