[ILUG-BOM] The Linux Brochure

Rony ronbillypop@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Jan 21 03:35:26 IST 2007

Hello All,

The beginner's Linux brochure is finally complete and exported from 
Scribus to pdf format. I would like to know where I can post these files 
for anyone and everyone to use at their own free will, as well as give 
feedback on any mistakes. The page format finally selected was 2 A4 
pages in landscape format and folded into half to give a total of 8 half 
size pages, like a booklet. The pages will be bound together at the 
folds. The A4 size will make it convenient for printing on home colour 
printers too. The pages are meant to be transparent so I am planning to 
use coloured paper for final printing as it saves a lot on background 
printing. The penguin picture in it is hand drawn by looking at a ready 
picture. The original tux was naked so I gave it a suit and bow tie.



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