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Sat Jan 20 00:43:43 IST 2007


On 1/19/07, Roshan <d_rosh2001 at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> --- Vihan Pandey wrote:
> > Give me a PC XT with
> > DOS(Free DOS would do) and C loaded on it, and copy
> > of Yashwant Kanetkar's
> > Let Us C i could set days and weeks at a stretch :-)
> [begin Off from the topic]
> A bit surprising to know that you (yes, vihan),
> probably started with "Let Us C", nevertheless, a good
> book. (I did too, but that was an old edition, and I
> haven't read it completely).
> I'm also lucky to find that my college library has
> finally the latest version 7.0, with the book also
> including topics on programming with Linux. In fact,
> it is Redhat Linux 9.0. The author likes KDE and uses
> KWrite to write C programs. :)
> [end Off from the topic]

          Ok. I don't want to shock many people here. And before I say
something, I must say, I did read LUC as my first C book (I think) and
found it good as well. The point is many people who start new with C (
maybe without any programming exp ) find it easy to start with -
that's the reason its good - other wise its not.

          Pointers in C is another book by YPK. Now if you read the
chapter/section on Binary Trees, you would say, hey nice explaination.
Only to find later an uncanny similarity from Data Structures in C and
C++ by Tenenbaum et al. Its a green colour book, very nice one, imho.
But maybe its just coincidence. But again, the starting chapters are
really simplistically explained.

          But honestly, one needs to have a copy of K&R if you are into C.

          And if you are doing C++, please read Stroustoup after you
have learnt a bit. But keep and read the following books handy -
Effective C++, More Effective C++, Effective STL ( read/study STL
first, google for SGI STL tutorial ) and C++ Coding Standards. The
articles in these are arranged in "Items". I just read them randomly
and I never fail to get shocked or learn a new thing ( that E
Balagurswamy or YPK  surely didnot cover in their books ) everytime I
read them. And trust me, you won't learn such things in most colleges.
But the library might just have book. Issue it or buy it.


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