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Tue Jan 16 19:07:21 IST 2007

2007/1/15, Vihan Pandey <vihanpandey at gmail.com>:
> > Join the Indian DRM Elimination Crew Now!
> > http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/Anti-DRM-Campaign
> O.K, i'm in. By the way we have some Eliminate DRM stickers, similar to
> the
> one here :
> Just add your name there (in the wiki) and stay tuned to the page for
updates. I have been translating some articles to malayalam about DRM stuff
in Vista. It would be good if we can make these articles that explains DRM
available in as many Indian Languages and in an easy to understand way. Also
it is imporatnt to involve the mass media to reach out to more people.

I would suggest everyone who like to understand the issues to listen to the
debate on DRM at Holland Open in which Eben Moglen clearly and beautifully
expalins why we should oppose current DRM implimentations.

The video is available here

The common misunderstanding everyone has is that they think DRM is about
music and movies and why should we, as software developers participate in
the debate. As Eben explains, we are not talking about whether movies and
music shoould be protected or not. But the way you do it -- to implement
restrictions in the layer 7, application layer, they are locking down all
the layers till the layer 1 or the physical layer (also called Treasures
Computing though the proponents call it Trusted Computing)-- It hambers our
rights to create and modify software.

Whatever be the logic to have the layer 7 lock down they are getting a
zillion un intended results when they lock down till layer 1 and none of it
is their legitimate business (they are not the ones who gets to decide what
software I get to use on the computer which I own and I don't want my
computer to trust someone other than me).

"Value your freedom, or you will lose it, teaches history.
`Don't bother us with politics', respond those who don't want to learn."
         -- Richard Stallman
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