[ILUG-BOM] Opensource for a Small Manufacturing unit

Mon Jan 15 12:13:07 IST 2007

On Friday 12 January 2007 22:08, Sachin G Nambiar wrote:

> My intention was not to insult, just a disagreement thats all. We
> only differ on our thoughts as to what extent of freedom we are
> talking about.

You are not talking about freedom at all. You are talking about 
And your knowledge about software business sucks big time.
You need to understand the diff btwn methodology of knowledge creation 
and the expertise for it's encapsulation. What part of software 
represents knowledge and what part represents a perishable commodity 
as pointed out by others. In the foss world it's knowledge that is 
valued and the more of others knowledge you add the more you gain. Of 
course nobody is daft to give you knowledge without you giving back 
your knowledge (which is infinitesimial relative to the whole body 
and quite useles on it's own). In the prop world you use your 
expertise to trap knowledge and extract  a fee. In the foss world you 
use expertise to always create and enhance knowledge, and charge for 
that and or your expertise in the form of brand building, services, 
customisation, virtual products etc. Because trapping knowledge 
imporvershies everybody your contention that you cant earn by not 
trapping knowledge is what? An indication that your knowledge pool is 
much less than infinitesimial. So enhance the knowledge pool by using 
it and adding back rather than keeping to yourself whatever "little" 
u know and becoming irrelevant. In my experience there have been 
innumerable software companies with superb products. Most are dead. 
Their creators working on things entirely different than the 
masterpieces they created. Did they benefit? hardly. would they have 
benefited by sharing their knowledge and expertise? We dont know. But 
from hind sight we know for sure that encapsulating knowledge in 
closed software fails
Ofcourse the closed software world pretends that their knowledge is so 
unique that they can hide it in closed software and nobody will ever 
discover the same knowledge independently. Do you really believe 
that?. Or that it will continue to have utility. Or that it will 
continue to enhance itself without external inputs.


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