[FSUG-Bangalore] spreading GNU/Linux through Internet Cafes

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kudos to you sashi,

On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 12:15 PM, Shashi <connect2shashi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Yesterday a computer in an internet cafe I go to crashed due to
> constant irritating viral infection (They run Windows here). So they
> asked me for an XP CD. I suggested them to install Ubuntu and they let
> me do it on one of the systems, and now they want more! After looking
> at what all comes with it without paying anything (of course they were
> using windows illegally). They have 256 MiB ram but ubuntu is fast
> enough....
> Now I'll be installing ubuntu on all other.. But my point of writing
> this mail is... How will the public who visit the cafe respond to it?
> But I think this is a nice way to tell people about GNU/Linux and give
> them their first experience, of course they'll feel this is good and
> try it at their place! maybe I'll ask the cafe owner to burn ubuntu
> for a disounted charge!
> They'll find it kinda wierd with the start button missing (I
> co\ustomised it to mimic windows tho) so i thought this can be used as
> a tool if we can make a beautiful documentation that shows what are
> analogous to windows, how to use them, where to get more help, let
> them know about fsm and stuff. So I initiated this git repo here to
> make HTML doc for the same, it is at http://github.com/ucafe.git you
> can pull/push from and to it with an ssh key.
> ''Is there anything that will let you set an HTML file as the desktop
> background in ubuntu?''
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