[FSUG-Bangalore] spreading GNU/Linux through Internet Cafes

Shashi connect2shashi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 12:15:03 IST 2008

Hi all,
Yesterday a computer in an internet cafe I go to crashed due to
constant irritating viral infection (They run Windows here). So they
asked me for an XP CD. I suggested them to install Ubuntu and they let
me do it on one of the systems, and now they want more! After looking
at what all comes with it without paying anything (of course they were
using windows illegally). They have 256 MiB ram but ubuntu is fast
Now I'll be installing ubuntu on all other.. But my point of writing
this mail is... How will the public who visit the cafe respond to it?
But I think this is a nice way to tell people about GNU/Linux and give
them their first experience, of course they'll feel this is good and
try it at their place! maybe I'll ask the cafe owner to burn ubuntu
for a disounted charge!
They'll find it kinda wierd with the start button missing (I
co\ustomised it to mimic windows tho) so i thought this can be used as
a tool if we can make a beautiful documentation that shows what are
analogous to windows, how to use them, where to get more help, let
them know about fsm and stuff. So I initiated this git repo here to
make HTML doc for the same, it is at http://github.com/ucafe.git you
can pull/push from and to it with an ssh key.

''Is there anything that will let you set an HTML file as the desktop
background in ubuntu?''

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