[FSUG-Bangalore] checking the preparations for RMS Visit

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Wed Nov 19 20:39:42 IST 2008

I would like to involve all those who were there in the planning meet during
the event hosted by RVCE

Tasks :

   - Anchoring :              I / RVCE student would Like to anchor the
   whole event
   - Welcoming all :       Senthil , CCC
   - RMS Introduction : CHRIST UNIVERSITY ( Vikram / Father Joseph )
   - RMS Speech
   - TN Seetharam / Baragooru Ramachandrappa  Intro : Some one on behalf of
   Kannada Bloggers
   - Speech by TNS / BR
   - Short Talk  by Dr S.C Sharma,, Principal ,RVCE
   - Short Talk by Secretary / President of RSSTrust
   - Issue of Mementos : Anivar and other members of  FSUG can take care
   - Vote of Thanks     :  Some body from CIS India
   - If RMS wishes -- a photography session / autograph session

I might have missed many things , suggestions / comments are most welcome If
any body else also want to be at stage and involve in any of the things let
me know where i can fit you.......................

Seniors who are watching these could give suggestion----- correct me / us if
the above is wrong

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>>   Hi all
>> As all of us aware that in association with FSUG,  RVCE and CHRIST
>> UNIVERSITY all together are organizing two confirmed talks of RMS in
>> bangalore and many more are on list
>> Time being i am feeling a bit tensed about the preparation i have made
>> In case any of  FSUG-Members feels that they should know what are the
>> things going on regarding the preparation from RVCE side i request any of
>> you to please visit our college in your convenient time within this week and
>> check the thing whether we have missed anything.
>> Expenditure arrangement : Currently is sponsoring 20,000 /- + 30,000 from
>> faculty and students of RVCE and seraching for some more sponsors (already
>> apporached )
>> As RMS staying is not possible at RVCE guest house as our facilities are
>> not matching with his requirements we are arranging alternate place
>> As mentioned previously that RVCE is taking care of Hospitality , i am
>> mentioning these things
>> If in case of me not available in case of any emergency Mr Chandrashekar B
>> H will handle the issue
>> now when you come to my college please call me on this number before
>> coming 9901945674 becasue you will not be knowing who are the people you
>> have to meet
>> our department director :     Dr Shobha is main person in touch with
>> college management
>>                                         : Dr Annamma Abraham is another
>> person in the managing commitee and ofcouse there
>>                                            are  around 195 students  who
>> may volunteer ( names might not be required )
>>  >> if any thing is needed do let us know..we can try our bit..
> Senthil thanks a lot , as i am searching for some sponsors , if i could not
> get any confirmation and if the budget is exceeding surely i wll let
> everyone know till then i would not like to give pain to anyone ....
> Apart from this if any body would like to take the job of
> Sorry for the uncompleted mail----by mistake send button was clicked , then
> power lost
> The things you can check is that whether hall is confirmed or not
> Confirmation letters from the management that the permision to host the
> Talk is given or not
> Clarifications could be made that what i am communicating is correct or not
> from the Deparment Director and etc etc
> Regarding translation - by first week of December -- it will be ready
> This is not to test whether RVCE is prepared or not , I felt it would be a
> good practice to make sure that things are on right path
> --------
> Welcome you all for a nice interaction at RVCE,
> Mr Vikram, i would like to hear from your side about your preparations , i
> think we can exchange some ideas
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