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Mon Oct 19 10:31:31 IST 2009

Combining FSMK's opinion from two mails and forwarding FYI.

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From: Senthil Sundaram
Date: 2009/10/14
Subject: fsmk and the current school program

Dear All,

Had a discussion with Guru . Writing to the group stating what we
believe in . We might have got something wrong and open to correcting
the same. This also gives us a chance to explain what a movement means


1) We always make group decisions, I am communicating to him on behalf
of the group.
2) We dream to be a movement.
3) We cannot loose the right of being critical of the government -
especially when its having such a confused policy on implementation of
FOSS. It for Change has done so and put up a paper.
4) FSMK, our current focus is colleges and a movement from there [ and
skills as well]
5) We would like to continue dialogue and are very thankful for Guru
and others talking to us - however as and when there is scope for a
teachers movement in FOSS - that would be close to our hearts - Guru
explained that the current situation is a starting point .
6) dreaming to be a movement we cannot be a implementing agency of a
confused policy [ guru said look at this  as influencing the
government]. We understand the tricky ground IT for Change others are
working and are thankful for the same.
8) i also explained FSMK is  a part time group and volunteer based and
the limitations thereof.


next steps:

1) FSMK will be out of the MoU with the government - as we don't want
to take money - and work in the spirit of a movement - as a group
trying to be a movement we don't want to take money and let that drive
us  -  A MOVEMENT is about certain IDEAS - OUR IDEAS WILL DRIVE US -
We will reserve the right to CRITICIZE the GOVT - FOR not implementing

Money small or big is important as we are accountable. Many a time it
corrupts good activists and movements. There are many paper orgns
which exist  for their own interests or individual interests - for
example many created out of the Tsunami money in TN . Dreaming to be a
budding movement( don't know if we really are!)that's not good for us.
 Whenever we take money we need to have the infrastructure to make
sure its
accountable - I am sure all NGOs engaging in the current space will be
doing so. However fsmk doesn't have the resoruces to do so and hence
chooses to be voluntary.Lets hack. As soon as we are ready we will

2) Guru explained about nice and open officers in the government - I
said we don't see such officers immediately - though we are open to
working with anybody who is open - REQUESTED FSMK folks to be part of
discussions with SUCH OPEN OFFICERS - so that we can have a change of
PERCEPTION - if reality is so.

3) Guru said he would like to interact with us on the role of
government and put forth his points - on the positive aspects of GOVT
OFFICERS - and the chances for building a FOSS movement in that space.
 I said we can arrange a discussion - for FSMK - or for everybody in

4) In spirit we will be part of the program on a best effort basis and
this will not be our main focus given our current skills and focus
area, which is building GLUGS in colleges . We will not be part of the
MoU. We will be volunteers.

We would like to be part of the current group ( not part of an
official consoritum/mou given our skills, prioritites). We like
movements and we can partner more effectively in a movement space. We
understand that in the current scenario that's evolving. Hence the
core or support distinction can only be made as we evolve and
depending on what we evolve into. Its suits us best to be voluntary
and we will eat all the food that's given in the trainings and not
spend from our pockets;), don't worry.

5) We understand  the importance of  NGOs/civil society
working/lobbying with government  to implement Foss and educate the
officers. However we are clearly aware of the 50:50 policy position of
the current government and the resulting lack lustre implementation of
Foss in schools [BOOT] and we strongly believe in the role movements
can play in changing as they did world over, even in FOSS.

6) However we don't mind joining our friends in Foss and nothing gives
us more happiness than such solidarity - without compromising on what
is close to our heart. Once again thanks for all the support and
patience and lets continue the discussion if any of you feel we missed

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