[Fsf-friends] Comrades’ new-found love with IT

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Sun Jan 4 19:48:25 IST 2009

Dear friend,

> The Kerala government policy is very clear and has to be well appreciated.

Thanks, I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the
drafting of that policy.
Most of the text was written by me.

> The government has entrusted the duty of e-governance implementation to one
> of the FSF-I board member. However he is more interested to play with

I think you referring to me, but information you have  is wrong. I was not
given any power to implement any e-governance projects. In fact the government
order gave me only one duty, that is to coordinate the setting up
of an international center to promote free software and free knowledge
in Kerala. You may see details at http://www.itmission.kerala.gov.in/

There are only two public sector e-governance project in which I am
involved. One of them
is a presegious project, KSEB computerisation. My involvement in that project
has nothing to do with my role in government.

> politics of exclusion. So he could not discharge his duty properly. If any
> of the government offices in Kerala failed to follow the policy direction
> for free software implementation, he has to reply for it.

   I am working in an agency under government of Kerala called Kerala
State IT Mission.
If you can spend 10 Rs and some time, you can get the details of
responsibilities given to me
and how i delivered my responsibilities(under RTI).  And I've been working
in KSITM only for last 4 month, too little time to make any change in
(interestingly process for the appointment started in some time early
2007, how fast is our govt ;) )

I wanted to have the power to ensure that policy is implemented.
Unfortunatelly I was
not given that.

I would like to know where all I've failed to discharge my duties.
That would help me to
correct myself.


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