[Fsf-friends] Free Software Foundation Latin America releases Declaration of Intent

Frederick Noronha (FN) fred@bytesforall.org
Mon May 16 21:26:45 IST 2005

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Free Software Foundation Latin America releases Declaration of Intent

Free Software in Latin America has taken a step forward. Yesterday,
April 19th, six longtime Free Software advocates from Latin America
published a Declaration of Intent, in which they announce the creation
of a Free Software Foundation Latin America. [1]

"The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) congratulates this group of
experienced activists on the progress made in their efforts", says Georg
Greve, FSFE's president. "FSFE will keep on helping to build the
organisation. We are looking forward to work in even closer cooperation
with these talented and dedicated women and men."

The group aims to strengthen the Free Software philosophy and ideals. In
this endeavour, its members will work to guide and influence politics
related to Free Software. During the initial phase, the emphasis will be
on building internal structures carefully, rather than on rapid

The Free Software Foundation Latin America will join the international
network of Free Software Foundaions. It aims to become a sister
organisation to the United States of America's Free Software Foundation
(FSF), Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and Free Software
Foundation India (FSFI). The group's founders are developing the
organisation's structure and work in close coordination with their
European and north American counterparts.

The Free Software Foundation Latin America's Declaration of Intent can
be found here [2].

[1] http://www.fsfla.org
[2] http://www.fsfla.org/doi-en.html
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