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Free Software

 	Developers tell us about their favourite ActionApps-based site and
 	the benefits for them of using APC's free software MONTEVIDEO,
 	Uruguay, -- *Oliver Zielke of Web Networks, Canada on AttavikApps, a
 	derivation of ActionApps which allows the Inuit to publish online in
 	their own language. *Jaime Torres of Peru on SIA an agrarian system
 	for Peruvian farmers developed by CEPES in Lima *Sarah
 	Escandor-Tomas on the *Voting Campaign for the Presidential
 	Elections Centre for Migrant Advocacy* developed by WomensHub,
 	Philippines. * And more! Audio interviews now ready to listen to.
 	- 04/15/2005 More

 	Free software camp in Asia brought together non-profits and
 	grassroots hackers BANGALORE, India, -- In late January, India's
 	technology mecca Bangalore became the venue for an international
 	'camp' intended to promote free and open source software (FOSS)
 	among civil society. Asia Source, as the 'tech camp' is called, was
 	held from January 28 to February 4, 2005 and "hopes to bring
 	together over a hundred people from 20 countries to increase the use
 	and awareness of FOSS amongst the non-profit sector in South and
 	South East Asia." - 01/28/2005 More

 	World Social Forum: Open Systems for Open Politics LONDON, UK, --
 	The World Social Forum has open information systems in place to go
 	with an open political ethos. All of about 1,000 computers at the
 	forum are using free software. The official website has been
 	developed for the first time in 'php,' an open source language. A
 	new translation system is also a free software tool. The Forum is
 	hosted in Brazil, a nation whose government at the first phase of
 	the World Summit on the Information Society held in Geneva in 2003,
 	strongly opposed intellectual property on software, and succeeded in
 	getting this omitted from the final resolution. - 01/26/2005 More >>

 		NGOs, searching long for alternatives, find flavour in
                 alt.software GOA, India, -- For an sector that talks of
                 alternatives, the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or
                 voluntary sector stays surprisingly aloof from one
                 significant alternative that has really worked -- free
                 software. But there are stirrings to bridge this huge chasm.
                 In end-January, India's technology mecca Bangalore is to be
                 the venue for an international, APC-supported 'camp' meant
                 to promote FLOSS among the NGO sector. - 01/22/2005 More >>

 		Progressive programmers from across the APC and beyond
                 gather in South Africa MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, -- Progressive
                 technology organisations all over the world met in Cape Town
                 to discuss the future of the free content management system
                 - ActionApps. ActionApps is a software that makes websites
                 easier to manage and more dynamic and facilitates the
                 creation of portal sites, improving the visibility of civil
                 society information.  Almost 40 developers from as far
                 afield as Egypt, Cambodia, Spain, Peru and the Philippines
                 debated future plans, sustainability, documentation needs
                 and a new online campaigning action kit for activists which
                 will come to life in 2005. - 11/26/2004 More >>

 		Training on free and open source software for NGOs
                 MANILA, Philippines, -- The Foundation for Media
                 Alternatives (FMA), together with key free and open source
                 software (FOSS) advocates in the country organized a
                 training-workshop for Philippine non-government
                 organizations (NGOs). Held on 28-29 October 2004 and
                 attended by 30 participants from 18 organizations, the
                 learning activity sought to impart not only with the
                 necessary skills and knowledge of FOSS but more importantly,
                 to provide the trainees with the confidence in using
                 FOSS-based applications. - 11/24/2004 More >>

                 Resistance in Hungary to EU proposals on software patenting
                 BUDAPEST, Hungary, -- A crowd of about four hundred turned
                 out to demonstrate against proposed European software
                 patents legislation. It was the first "geeky", free-software
                 related demonstration in Hungary said APC member Green
                 Spider, organised by groups not typically used to leaving
                 their computer screens to get their voices heard. -
                 09/30/2004 More >>

 		The Zitt Geeks - Young Nigerians turn to computing to
                 improve their job prospects BAYANLOCO, Nigeria, -- The
                 Fantsuam Foundation provides refurbished computers to civil
                 society organisations and partners, runs computer training
                 centres and offers the only internet connection for hundreds
                 of miles around in rural Nigeria. All this in Kafanchan
                 State where electricity is often unavailable and innovators
                 power their computers using car batteries. The Foundation*s
                 work is supported by a home-grown corps of ICT youth
                 volunteers, the Zitt Geeks.  The Geeks are already free
                 software devotees and they are the first participants in
                 Fantsuam*s business incubator which provides training,
                 mentoring and funding to enable enterprising youths to
                 become self-employed. - 08/30/2004 More >>

                 Hands-on workshop on free software targets women technicians
                 from Southern Africa JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, -- From
                 6-10 September 2004 in Johannesburg, South Africa, APC
                 member Women'sNet hosted a southern Africa-wide workshop to
                 build awareness of and demonstrate the potential use of free
                 and open source software (FOSS) in the non-profit sector,
                 and women's organisations specifically. - 08/30/2004 More >>

 		Cambodians have access to Khmer-language email software for
                 the first time PHNOM PEN, Cambodia, -- Until now, a native
                 Cambodian has needed to be able to read in a foreign
                 language to be able to send email in Cambodia. Software was
                 not available in Khmer. But APC's member organisation in
                 Cambodia, the Open Forum, is changing that. The KhmerOS
                 portal, set up earlier this year to bring together
                 previously isolated developers is starting out by providing
                 Khmer translations of well-known free applications such as
                 the powerful e-mail application, Thunderbird. Thunderbird
                 was ready for use after just two months - sixty days earlier
                 than expected! The Open Forum has sent APC the report on
                 their advances in the first half of 2004.
                 - 07/30/2004 More >>

 		Free and open source software sweeps US non-profit tech
                 conference PHILADELPHIA, USA, -- Looking around at the
                 recent Non-Profit Technology Enterprise Network conference
                 in Philadelphia, it would have been easy to think that free
                 and open source software is sweeping the non-profit world.
                 With an attendance of over 700 people, this year's NTEN
                 event featured a full track of six workshops on free and
                 open source software (FOSS) topics - almost all of which
                 were packed. - 04/28/2004 More >>

                 Tea and internet security advice come in the same cup at
                 recent Hungarian green meeting BUDAPEST, Hungary, -- Once
                 again, at the Annual Meeting of Hungarian Green Non-profits
                 (OT2004) APC member Green Spider offered herbal teas and
                 sound internet access, training and advice to participants.
                 Raising awareness of environmental contamination and in
                 support of free software, Green Spider collected up
                 visitors' old CD-roms and exchanged them for new GNU/Linux
                 CDs. - 04/28/2004 More >>

 		Choosing open source software: Decision-making materials for
                 civil society organisations MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, -- Free and
                 open source software (FOSS) holds a great deal of potential
                 for civil society organisations. The most obvious benefit of
                 FOSS is that it is often free to use or low-cost. However,
                 it also offers more including -crucially- better security.
                 Ddid you know that if your computer uses the GNU/Linux
                 operating system you don't have to use anti-virus software?
                 No more days or data lost recovering from the latest

                 The materials available in the MultiMedia Toolkit's latest
                 unit on FOSS provide an introduction to FOSS, tackling
                 questions like 'what is open source?' and 'how will it
                 benefit my organisation?' They also include practical advice
                 on how to review open source software packages and select
                 the right ones for your organisation. - 03/29/2004 More >>

 		APC ActionApps is one of the top 10 open source tools for
                 e-Activism MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, -- APC*s free content
                 management system designed specifically for progressive
                 organisations to publish news automatically and share
                 content at the click of a button has been nominated one of
                 the best open source software tools that can be used by
                 activists to spread the message and promote interaction by
                 e-newsletters, forums, blogs, and online petitions.

                 Compiled by Dan Bashaw and Mike Gifford in an article for
                 the Democracies Online Newswire APC ActionApps came out tops
                 along with other well-known applications like PostNuke,
                 Twiki and WebCards. - 02/07/2004 More >>

 		New intellectual property law forces Cambodians to start
                 developing their own Khmer-language software PHNOM PENH,
                 Cambodia, -- *We envision, in 2007, a country where
                 Cambodians can learn and use computers in their own
                 language, a country that does not have to change to a new
                 language in order to use computers!* say the activists
                 behind the new KhmerOS initiative. Until now, computer use
                 in Cambodia has been mostly in English, and mostly using
                 unlicensed copies of Microsoft Windows products.  However, a
                 new Cambodian intellectual property law means that a user
                 will have to purchase a license for each copy of software
                 sold by companies such as Microsoft and that*s unaffordable
                 for most Cambodian computer users. This new portal
                 coordinated by APC member, Open Forum of Cambodia, gets
                 together some previously isolated developers and is starting
                 out by providing Khmer translations of well-known free
                 software programmes such as Mozilla (the powerful web
                 browser and mail programme). But the eventual goal is to
                 create a full applications package under GNU/Linux, "which
                 has 90% of all applications which 100% of all users need".
                 Find out more about the motivation behind KhmerOS. -
                 02/04/2004 More >>

 		Farmers and local government in rural Peru use free APC
                 software LIMA, Peru, -- CEPES, one of APC's newest members,
                 has trained participants in a rural-urban information
                 service to set up a portal and exchange agricultural
                 information from six telecentres in a remote area of the
                 northern Peruvian sierras. A replication of the course is
                 being organised for staff at the Peruvian Ministry of
                 Agriculture's offices in the same region. The technology of
                 choice is APC's free software, APC ActionApps. - 01/29/2004
                 More >>

 		Idlelo - First African Conference on Digital Commons Cape
                 Town, South Africa, -- The conference addressed the
                 challenges and opportunities of the creation and use of free
                 / open source software and open content and their
                 development potential for Africa. The conference had both
                 strategic and practical objectives, as it sought to bring
                 together participants from government, education, business
                 and civil society together with the developer community. -
                 01/16/2004 More >>

 		Making it easier to build online information communities
                 using APC*s free software: APC ActionApps MONTVIDEO,
                 Uruguay, -- APC ActionApps allows anyone to publish online
                 without knowing any programming or learning specialised
                 software. It*s a content management system design
                 specifically for progressive organisations. And because it
                 is being developed and adopted all over the world APC
                 ActionApps software is available in English, Spanish, Czech,
                 Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Japanese and German. Find out
                 more about the ActionApps! - 01/05/2004 More >>

 		*Free Software and Digital Inclusion*, a new book published
                 in Brazil RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, -- Two of the directors of
                 APC member in Rio de Janeiro, RITS, are co-authors of *Free
                 Software and Digital Inclusion* which was published in
                 Brazil in August. *The book is an interesting project,* says
                 RITS information coordinator, Graciela Baroni Selaimen, *and
                 it*s part of a larger much larger digital inclusion
                 initiative by the Sao Paulo e-government which is setting up
                 community telecentres in marginal and often violent
                 neighbourhoods throughout the city.* RITS is administering
                 the telecentres and providing training in the use of free
                 software. Visit RITS. - 09/15/2003 More

 		Foundation for Africa: Action plan for the next three years
                 JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, -- The Free Software and Open
                 Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) in conjunction with
                 APC has completed an action plan for 2003-2005 and a
                 briefing on the state of FOSS in Africa. - 07/02/2003 More


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