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Sat Jan 15 04:55:44 IST 2005

--- "V. Sasi Kumar" <vsasi@hotpop.com> wrote:
If he had studied in a government school, or had seen the IT text books
for SSLC, he would have understood what free software is. I understand
that he is in a CBSE school. We need to put pressure on CBSE to bring
free software into their IT education.

I think the dangers of such proprietary technologies creeping into the curriculum are much beyond that what we usually imagine. For instance, see this feature of Micro$oft.
"...Project Shiksha Highlights
 	Microsoft in partnership with State Governments to deliver comprehensive, leading K-12 IT curriculum as prescribed by the standards bodies
	Student scholarships to recognize India’s top students who drive innovation through technology
	A teacher scholarship program to recognize and reward India’s leading teachers committed to delivering world-class education
	An online community for teacher collaborations, best practice sharing and honing of skill sets..." (full story at http://www.microsoft.com/india/education/pil/shiksha/ ).

Read our Chief Ministers details on amending Curriculum on an annual basis (after he visited Technopark, TVM in Nov 2004), and the seriousness would increase. (A response to that story is at http://www.indiavarta.com/Opinions/index.asp?Category=opinion&mesgId=32757 )

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