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Sat Jan 15 11:24:00 IST 2005


Geographic Information Systems are powerful tools for organising and
processing geospatial data. The use of this software is increasing in
our country, especially since the availability of satellite imageries
makes it a very useful tool in planning. However, most of our institutes
use proprietary GIS applications, which are very expensive, in addition
to being restrictive. Many people are not even aware of the availability
of equally or more powerful Free Software applications like GRASS.

So we formed an email group for Free-GIS related discussions.
 This email group was formed to promote the awareness and use of such
applications, and to help new users to become familiar with them.

Please see http://gnu.org.in/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/free-gis.

We invite you to join the group and contribute to our efforts.

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