[Fsf-friends] Need Free software in 11th Class

Pramode C.E. pramode_ce@yahoo.co.in
Tue Aug 23 12:30:22 IST 2005


--- Sarath Lakshman <sarathlakshman@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello Friends,
> I am here to inform you about an issue in 11th
> Class.
> Now I am studying in 11th class - Computer Science.
> Our text book is following the proprietary C++
> compiler (Turbo C++ Compiler) and there is nothing
> about Software freedom and importance of free
> software.

C++ is a horrible language to teach introductory
Computer Science - you spend most of the time
struggling with syntax; time which is better spent
studying the problem solving process itself. We need

a) Kick out C/C++ from our +2 syllabus and introduce
Scheme/Python instead (the TeachScheme project is
trying to do this in the US; they have a great GPL'd
programming environment for Scheme called Dr.Scheme
a very well written textbook called `How To Design
programs' both of which are extremely innovative)

b) Kick out DOS/Windoze and introduce GNU/Linux

Are there members on the list who think along similar
lines; can we do something for this?



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