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Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:03:20 +0530

>>>>> "Arun" == Arun M <Arun> writes:

    Arun> [snip]

    Arun>  Raju is still in the class room. Others have left for the
    Arun> play ground.  What happened ?

    Arun> "Raju why dont to go the play ?". "Teacher asked me to find
    Arun> out sum of first 100 natural number and only then go to
    Arun> play" said Raju disappointment.  " I am using calculator
    Arun> still taking time" he added.  "You can get computers to do
    Arun> these tedious work, i will teach you how to write computer
    Arun> programs. Lets go to lab".

You got it all wrong, man!  Raju uses Perl when he needs to calculate
N * ( N + 1 ) / 2, not languages where whitespace determines

$sum = 0 ;
foreach my $i ( 1..100 )
  $sum += $i ;
print "$sum\n" ;
exit ( 0 ) ;



-- Raju

    Arun> [snip]

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