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Parthan parth.technofreak@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Jan 21 09:50:25 IST 2007

Dinesh Joshi wrote:
> While I was in school I bought a book called as Graphics Programming
> Solutions. Nice book but entirely in assembly. I couldn't even find the
> BMP file format back then!! :P Will look at PCPGE :)

When I was in college, I bought 'Computer Graphics C Version' to help me 
out with doing graphics with C (using graphics,h IIRC) for my final year 
project which involved showing simulation results with C graphics. This 
book was too high leveled that I found no use of it. But, that book had 
a good explanation of how graphic programming is done, the basics of it 
and some real time examples (though it did not satisfy my requirements 
at that stage)

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