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On Sat, 20 Jan 2007 14:48:03 +0530, C E Hariharan said:  

> Well,this discussion has been useful to me since I am in SEM-II
> Engg. and they are teaching us C++.

        From my bookshelf:
 on C:
 1 The C programming Language         K&R
 2 C: A reference manual              Harbison & Steele
 3 The C standard Library             Plauger
 4 C Style: Standards and Guidelines  David Straker
 5 The C companion                    Holub
 6 Programming with POSIX threads     Butenhof
 7 Pthreads programming               Nicoloas, Buttlar, and Farrell

On C++
 1 The C++ Language                   Stroustroup
 2 C++: the core language             Satir & Brown
 3 The C++ Standard library           Josuttis
 4 C++ template                       Josuttis + Brown
 5 Effective C++                      Myers
 6 Effective STL                      Myers
 7 C++ How to program                 Dietel & deitel
 8 Modern C++ design                  Alexandrescu
 9 C++ Gotchas                        Dewhurst
10 C++ network programmin             Schidt Huston

        I have a smattering of other books, but none that Iwould
 recommend, apart from, perhaps:
   The practice of programming        Kernighan & Pike

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