[ILUG-BOM] Data recovery on a crashed drive with Linux FS

Dinesh Joshi dinesh.a.joshi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Jan 21 01:56:40 IST 2007

On Sun, 2007-01-21 at 00:14 +0530, Philip Tellis wrote:
> Sometime on Jan 20, jtd assembled some asciibets to say:
> > Find a similiar drive and replace the controller. It works many a
> > times. Or deep freeze the drive. Grep the list. There is a thread
> > where Philip has described the procedure in detail.
> Use an air tight freezer bag, put the disk in, squeeze out as much air 
> as possible, seal and freeze overnight.  Make sure you're ready to 
> transfer the data out the next day.

Thanks a lot both of you :) But this procedure seems too risky. I might
end up losing my warranty. Besides, there is no guarantee whether it
will work or not. And with the way things are going with me, I wouldn't
want to take any chances! :(

My new system arrived with a faulty 512MB RAM :( Gotta replace it!
Whee :'(


Dinesh A. Joshi

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