[ILUG-BOM] Re: Seek advice to quit Windows

Dinesh Joshi dinesh.a.joshi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Jan 21 00:47:02 IST 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-20 at 12:51 -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Jan 2007 23:54:25 +0530, Dinesh Joshi
> <dinesh.a.joshi at XXXXXXXXXX> said:  

Fix your broken mail client or never quote me again on this list. I dont
wish to get more spam in my mailbox.

>         None of the above adjectives is, in truth, correct.  The
>  project is fairly well organized, with specific teams and team
>  leaders in charge of specific areas, there is a QA group, a security
>  group, and so on,

Did you read my post completely? Especially the part at the end? Its
obvious that you have not read it. I am not going to sit and explain it
because I dont want to do it 5 times to make you understand it. Its
something called as satire...

FYKI, Linux has always been perceived as a hobby OS, a Toy OS. Nothing
big, nothing real. It has been perceived as being created by thousands
of people in a very disorganized manner ( as compared to the traditional
cathedral model. Have you read Cathedral and the Bazaar for that
matter? ). Despite all these facts, Linux was adopted by <INSERT YOUR
FAVORITE COMPANY HERE EXCEPT M$> and its generating billions of dollars
of revenue and its being used in all conceivable fields. Not bad for a
toy OS, eh? :P

>         BTW, adding a smiley after insults does not abrogate the
>  rudeness; and no, I do not find denigrating other people and their
>  work to be funny.

Obviously, everyone doesn't have a sense of humor or has a poor
understanding of the subject. Both type of people must refrain from
replying without fully understanding the poster's point or else they
shall make a fool of themselves in front of 700 odd people.


Dinesh A. Joshi

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