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Debarshi Ray debarshi.ray@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Jan 20 02:27:29 IST 2007

> "Let Us C", nevertheless, a good
> book.

It is a horrible book. I strongly oppose the idea that one needs to
begin with it. Just consider the fact that Yashwant Kanitkar teaches
you the difference of:
i++ + ++i + i++ and i++ + i++ + i++, which is simply undefined in the
C standard and yet Kanitkar stresses on this, instead of telling the
reader to avoid writing such code.

>         Ok. I don't want to shock many people here. And before I say
> something, I must say, I did read LUC as my first C book (I think) and
> found it good as well. The point is many people who start new with C (
> maybe without any programming exp ) find it easy to start with -
> that's the reason its good - other wise its not.

I started with Gottfried's book, and when I finally came to Let Us C,
I found it sick.

>         But honestly, one needs to have a copy of K&R if you are into C.

Very true.

>         And if you are doing C++, please read Stroustoup after you

Robert Lafore's book is also nice although he does not use GCC in it.


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