Vihan Pandey vihanpandey@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jan 19 18:50:30 IST 2007

> > True. i hope Apple is listening :-D
> Its only a matter of time that other companies will fall in line =P With
> the hype about "security", people will want to see the source code that
> runs their machines, that stores their sensitive information! =P

With Apple its the Aqua GUI interface(and a certain apps with come with the
O.S that are closed) which comes to about 30%-40% of the system. The rest
is, G N U + Python + Apache + TeX + etc etc etc....

The main complaint is with the way they support DRM to sell music on their
iTunes music store and how they react when someone violates it(remember the
entire sarovar.org episode). In fact they kind of set a trend(like always)
of DRM in digital music and video.

However i have to make one statement here. i LOVE Apple. Surprised? i'm not
ashamed to admit it. Its their creativity and artistic brilliance which is
UNPARALLELED. The way they take care of every single thing that is needed
for a good user experience is simply beautiful and VERY inspiring. It is
also probably the only company that only stole an idea(GUI from Xerox PARC)
JUST once in its life - and that's it since then they have ALWAYS been
original.  Its hard to find such a culture in today's world.


- vihan

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