[ILUG-BOM] Open SUSE 10.2 Disks Required

Fri Jan 19 15:06:14 IST 2007

On Friday 19 January 2007 12:31, Harsh Busa wrote:
> On 1/18/07, jtd <jtd at mtnl.net.in> wrote:
> > On Friday 19 January 2007 11:16, Dinesh Shah wrote:
> > > Are you sure? Since he is asking for *OpenSUSE* and not SLES,
> > > what you are saying may be incorrect. Please refrain from FUD.
> > > :-)
> >
> > I AWAYS read before shooting off my mouth. But for those who
> > havent
> >
> > From http://www.novell.com/products/opensuse/eula.html
> >
> > "The Software is a collective work of Novell.  You may make and
> > use unlimited copies of the Software for Your distribution and
> > use within Your Organization.  You may make and distribute
> > unlimited copies of the Software outside Your organization
> > provided that: 1) You receive no consideration; and, 2) you do
> > not bundle or combine the Software with another offering (e.g.,
> > software, hardware, or service).  The term "Organization" means a
> > legal entity, excluding subsidiaries and affiliates with a
> > separate existence for tax purposes or for legal personality
> > purposes. An example of an Organization in the private sector
> > would be a corporation, partnership, or trust, excluding any
> > subsidiaries or affiliates of the organization with a separate
> > tax identification number or company registration number. In the
> > public sector, an example of Organization would be a specific
> > government body or local government authority."
> whats wrong with the except from eula ? can you explain by example
> how we can be killed or put behind bars in any court of law

> 1) You receive no consideration; and, 2) you do
>  not bundle or combine the Software with another offering (e.g.,
>  software, hardware, or service).

Which means that u cant sell AND u cant run YOUR software on the users 
machine. But that is the visible part. What about the invisible?

You may not:  
(1) reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software except
and only to the extent it is expressly permitted by applicable law or
the license terms accompanying a component of the Software; or (2)
transfer the Software or Your license rights under this Agreement, in
whole or in part.
So no reuse and no distribution. And if some component of a package is 
licencsed differently, U are governed by the different terms of that 
component. And what are those? search the distro, then find out what 
are M$ and Novell patented stuff amongst those. Why?
They tell u so here


No title to or ownership of the Software is transferred to You. Novell
and/or its licensors owns and retains all title and ownership of all
intellectual property rights in the Software, including any
adaptations or copies. You acquire only a license to use the Software.

The first sentence is about coyright ownership? No it's about software 
IP. That's what the next sentence says. And the next tells u that you 
have a licence only to use. And hence not to redistribute any 
patented stuff.
Why this particular section? cause in an earlier sections they say 
that u can distribute some of the software which permit such 

What does it all mean?. If you are keen on taking a panga get a lawyer 
serve a notice and findout. If u want to distribute use any distro 
that allows you to do so.
And anyone who says Novell is great has no idea of what he's yaking 
I have better things to do in life than sit and analyze crap company's 
crap licence.


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