[ILUG-BOM] Open SUSE 10.2 Disks Required

Rajen M. Parekh rajen.parekh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jan 19 14:23:30 IST 2007

jtd wrote:

> Read this: Carefully
> http://www.novell.com/products/opensuse/eula.htm
> And if u missed it
> "You may make and distribute unlimited copies of
> the Software outside Your organization provided that: 1) You receive
> no consideration; and, 2) you do not bundle or combine the Software
> with another offering (e.g., software, hardware, or service)"

 From what you have posted above, how is it illegal if I just make 
copies of the CDs without any modification or any consideration ? I 
think that is what the original poster of this thread wanted - copies of 
Opensuse 10.2. If I make copies for him, without any consideration or 
modification, I don't see how it violates the above quoted part of the 
eula where it is explicitly allowed to make unlimited copies of the 

I would like, if you can explain properly to layman like us, how it is 
illegal to make copies since you think that some (like me) on this list 
can't understand "the invisible gotchas" and how it violates the eula. 
As I said I am a layman and wouldn't understand technicalities, so can 
you elaborate your point.

Secondly, how come magazines like PCQuest and Linuxforu ( and many more 
other mags in other countries) are distributing OpenSuse with their 
issues if it is illegal to make copies ?


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