[ILUG-BOM] broadband problems

Dilip Khanolkar khanolkardilip@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jan 19 11:52:06 IST 2007

   VSNL (Tata indicom) has been providing DSL services (therefore through

> phone line) for a while now.
> Airtel started this (DSL) some time ago too and even in my office area
> they provide the service. As does MTNL.
> Reliance also provides broadband service but in some areas.
> TATA/AIRTEL provide bundled services which includes land line and
> internet.
> The only thing going for TATA and for AIRTEL is that they provide
> unlimited plans (however sucky). But MTNL rules.
> The reason why mtnl those plans are in delhi and not in mumbai is
> because airtel has a good presence there. So it was competitive and
> nothing else.
> Now that airtel is in mumbai too and gaining ground, its a matter of
> time before mtnl will come up with unlimited plans.
> in any case its only a couple of years before this whole metered
> download bull is done away with.

thats true there will days with 2 mb unlimited considered as broadband
within a year or 2 but airtel is just starting there service in mumbai not
fully established in mumbai what you said is true airtel has a good presence
in delhi as considered in mumbai & trai has suggested everyone to switch
over to dsl than cable internet

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