Vihan Pandey vihanpandey@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jan 19 11:36:39 IST 2007

> Indeed. In this case they have some excellent hardware (imo
> overpriced) with the OS and hardware being finely tuned to each
> other. And advantages in some important departments. When it was
> closed these together meant very little to anybody. But opening might
> just change that.

True. In fact Sun seems to be opening up a lot of things :-) Around early
last year they agreed to ship Ubuntu server on some of their AMD 64 boxes,
then wonder of wonders Java is free and no longer ``shackled". The best part
is - its NOT as if the company is highly in debt and ready to file for
bankruptcy and is doing this as a face saving measure. They are doing it of
their own free will.

Also differences in linux and slolaris will drop as
> ideas migrate both ways. Solaris may morph itself into linux rather
> than die a writhing death like novell netware.

True. i hope Apple is listening :-D


- vihan

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