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Fri Jan 19 11:16:38 IST 2007

--- Siddhesh Poyarekar <siddhesh.poyarekar at gmail.com> wrote:
> > That i think makes it a viable market for broadband alright!
> Broadband in Mumbai (except triband) is distributed by cable
> operators. Hence whatever the cable operators provide, the user has
> to
> use, else go to Triband. Probably he means non-competitive in that
> sense.
> But from MTNL's point of view it is competitive as the CTOs cannot
> stop anyone fr5om getting triband. It comes directly through the
> phone
> line.

VSNL (Tata indicom) has been providing DSL services (therefore through
phone line) for a while now. 
Airtel started this (DSL) some time ago too and even in my office area
they provide the service. As does MTNL.
Reliance also provides broadband service but in some areas.

TATA/AIRTEL provide bundled services which includes land line and

The only thing going for TATA and for AIRTEL is that they provide
unlimited plans (however sucky). But MTNL rules. 

The reason why mtnl those plans are in delhi and not in mumbai is
because airtel has a good presence there. So it was competitive and
nothing else. 
Now that airtel is in mumbai too and gaining ground, its a matter of
time before mtnl will come up with unlimited plans.

in any case its only a couple of years before this whole metered
download bull is done away with.

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