[ILUG-BOM] Seek advice to quit Windows

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Thu Jan 18 19:56:03 IST 2007

2007/1/18, Varadarajan V <nirvanar at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I downloaded Debian Sarge and tried to install it.

I would suggest you try Debian etch (about to be realeased and currently
under freeze)
http://www.us.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ Try the weekly snapshots.
Which what I use at home & office and also recommends/installs for my
friends.  It has a much improved installer (with gui) and lot of latest

The installation went fine.
> But I think i missed to select the "Desktop" option during
> installation. If I enter
> "startx" command i encounter errors. I thought Xfree86 was not
> installed. so I tried
> 'apt-get install x-windows-system'. I found this in the Internet. But
> still "startx"

apt-get install x-window-system-core xserver-xfree86

wouldnt work. I am trying to figure that out.
> But I have a question. When I first installed Sarge. I could see a X11
> folder in /etc.
> Why was this folder created if X was not installed initially? Is it
> created by default?

I think it is created by default.

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