[ILUG-BOM] broadband problems

Dilip Khanolkar khanolkardilip@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jan 18 15:06:49 IST 2007

is there any customer of pacenet from goregaon on this list there are heavy
problems faced in this area from pacenet for the last 15 days & mr saiyad
from pacenet says that 7 days have been credited to every user as
compensation while TRAI regulations say that "Faults Pending for > 7 working
days and < 15 working days: rebate equivalent to 15 days of minimum monthly
charge or equivalent usage allowance" well the customers dont get perfect
speeds the network is congested while DNS pings are normally above 130 ms on
64 bytes. I have a 72kbps line the speeds are mostly below 56.2 kbps on an
average not more than 64 kbps

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