[ILUG-BOM] Free Software for NGOs

Thu Jan 18 13:00:43 IST 2007

On Thursday 18 January 2007 12:28, Vihan Pandey wrote:
> > Lots of money comes
> > from he UN and are targeted at flavour of the day causes,

> Very true. In fact lets not forget who's the biggest contributor
> for fighting AIDS in India. Would he really want the NGO's funded
> by him(and his wife) NOT using windoze? 

Also now Phoren Money has to be routed thru the GOI. So now u have 
exactly the type of setup u dont want to have. Govt babu controlled 
by poltician in bed with regular crooks acting as money gateway to 
busybodies influencing ignorant agravated people into signing on the 
new improved (un) development plan. The more things change the more 
they stay the same. NGOs in the education space may yet be clean and 
could be targeted, the rest is just a waste of time.


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