[ILUG-BOM] Free Software for NGOs

Vihan Pandey vihanpandey@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jan 18 12:28:13 IST 2007

> According to those who know (and honest enough to speak), ngos in
> Mumbai are one big mafia exploiting the ones they are supposed to
> protect. They are completely dishonest money leechers, sucking up
> phoren funding by organising paparazzi events which are quickly
> forgotten by new improved paparazzi events. Lots of money comes from
> he UN and are targeted at flavour of the day causes, some of which
> catch the public fancy like AIDS (never mind we have 10 times more TB
> and malnutrition deaths) or child labour or save the stray dogs. In
> the case of aids the money goes right back to the donors via
> purchasing patented drugs whose efaccy is unkown.

Very true. In fact lets not forget who's the biggest contributor for
fighting AIDS in India. Would he really want the NGO's funded by him(and his
wife) NOT using windoze? It wouldn't surprise me if most of that money went
into buying M$ software licenses.


- vihan

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