[ILUG-BOM] A veiwpoint about FSF's campaign

Vihan Pandey vihanpandey@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jan 18 12:23:33 IST 2007

> This article *_indirectly_* speaks about the dominance
> of Non-Free software right from the early years of
> computing, and also recognizes the efforts of FSF to
> make users realize, that Non-Free isn't any good.
> Perhaps, it speaks about being "It works!" / "It
> should work whatsoever" approach.

Interesting view point, and yes it does speak ``about the dominance of
Non-Free software" however its the same stuff about you need it keep
proprietary drivers, firmware etc. in your distro - else it won't work
everywhere and will loose popularity.

i don't think this guy really gets why gnewsense or ututo are being pushed.
You NEED the world to know you need a COMPLETELY Free(as in Freedom)
Operating System(yes that includes a Free BIOS as well). Anything lesser
just won't do, and till the time we do have a completely Free(as in Freedom)
Operating System we have no choice but to use what's there - but that does
not mean we forget the objective of building the system.

The minute you say Ubuntu supports everything(including proprietary drivers)
the user becomes happy - cool - but then what is the probability of him
recognizing the importance of Freedom(if he is unaware of it)?

During our freedom struggle resistance to British economic imperialism by
encouraging swadeshi cloth(mainly khadi), and paper(though very inferior in
quality) was one of the cornerstones of the struggle. People boycotted
british goods - plain and simple, why don't we boycott imperialistic
hardware? Is it so hard(even for a newbie) to purchase hardware after doing
a ``little" bit of homework? Come on, if someone is going to buy a car -
they do ask if you get all the necessary spare parts nearby or where's the
nearest service center.

i think that's what most people forget. Freedom is not restricted to only
those who believe in it or are aware of it, it is for all including those
who don't care about it. They MUST be made aware of it.

And yes, i am very well aware that there are people who couldn't care less
and are irritated when you talk about freedom, well you just have to tell
them what happens when they don't care - if they ignore you - try again, if
they make fun of you try again, if they fight you try harder - then you win.
Its only a matter of time.


- vihan

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