[ILUG-BOM] FOSS and Reliance [was Seek advice to quit Windows]

Wed Jan 17 17:50:31 IST 2007

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 17:20, Dhawal Doshy wrote:
> jtd wrote:
> > On Wednesday 17 January 2007 14:09, Dhawal Doshy wrote:
> >>  From what i've heard from an ex-reliance employee is that they
> >> make a good effort to ensure that linux users can easily use
> >> their services. Why?? i wouldn't know.
> >
> > Rubbish. They took pppconfig (afair) and modified it to
> > install /etc/chatscripts/reliance and would not release the code
> > or even say 'reliance' was the only file required. Never mind
> > that u could just copy at+CRM=1;$LGPKT=3 to any dialers conf file
> > and make it work.
> And did any other ISP do even this much for linux users? I never
> claimed they wrote something from scratch.

IF they wanted compatability they would have just documented the 2 
lines. And btw that too happened cause a very large potential 
customer wanted to run linux. They were at the time running M$ pptp 
on the backend, with some insane configuration.

> And did you bother to document the workaround / solution and share
> it with others?

Check the list archives.

> Proof will be enough to shut me up.. i have no love of reliance,
> but i think the are doing a decent job OR at least tried doing one

They werent. But except for the closed pppconfig (which they later 
opened) it was atleast not deliberate.

> can we EOT this?? we have a new enthusiastic user to help.

yessir ;-)


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