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Sachin G Nambiar bomlug@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 17 16:08:50 IST 2007

>> Reliance is not going to be a dictator ever. Would have been possible
>> during the license Raj but not now. There are far too many options too
>> choose rom.
> Are you referring to the cell phone service or to electricity(in certain
> areas) as well?
to both. If reliance has a monopoly in certain areas its only a matter of  
before someone walks right in. If there is money to be made, any  
with enough money and resources will jump in. This is not hard since we  
opened our markets up.

> And monopoly is very difficult to achieve! Even a cartel (with
>> reference to an alliance statement by Vihan) will stick only across the
>> supply chain and not amongst players in the same market.
>  Why not?
Because sooner or later the alliance will break with one or more of the  
will try and make a quick profit. While a cartel looks good on paper its  
very very
difficult to achieve in a capitalistic market.

This is so because having a cartel will mean controlling of prices, which  
will have a bearing on the profitability. If the prices are the same the  
players will
try and reduce their costs by cheaper sourcing or better supply chain.  
Sooner or later
  profitability will boil back down to the prices with one or more members  
selling at a
cheaper rate and making a quick profit or increasing their market share.  
To counter
this the other members will break away too. Thats why :)

> It's difficult even in a duopolistic situation! Pepsi- Coke.

> Is it? From what i see either side took over or destroyed local competing
> brands the world over. The result - only these two remain with no REAL
> competition.
No monopolism. It officially remains a duopoly. Local entrepreneurs in  
Jaipur and
other parts bottle their own wares in coke/pepsi bottles. you can find  
such bottles
in hyderabad. So basically it has two players in the market and
numerous in the grey market.

Also if you notice their market has been eaten into by several smaller  
players in
a different market, bottled water, fruit based drinks, even milk by  
nestle. They face
competition from these players. Beautiful thing is as a consumer we have  
so much of choice! :)

  If they choose to
> cut/increase production that DOES has a direct impact on the world  
> economy.
The cartel is very much alive, but they do not and really cannot control  
So the question of them screwing you up by forming a monopoly does not  
Besides, the earlier experience increased the resolve by other countries  
to look
for alternate sources of energy.  US has found oil wells (i think in  
nevada - too lazy
to google) but has currently put it's extraction activities on  
hold/minimal use.
Plus emerging oil corporations like ONGC, Reliance etc breaks OPECS  
supposed monopoly.

> Exactly. But rather then sitting for them to come up front one ought to
> either start something or vocally oppose those who are potential threats.
The world will always have entreprenurs thankfully :). Vocally opposing  
is somehow not in line with my thinking. Start something .. ha now that is  
what i totally
and wholeheartedly agree with!!

ps: apologies for the wrong decade!

Sachin G. Nambiar
Indian Pneumatic & Hydraulic Co.

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