[ILUG-BOM] Seek advice to quit Windows

Vihan Pandey vihanpandey@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 17 15:10:52 IST 2007

> At least they made an effort, can any other ISPs claim that?

true :-)

the base
> RPM (ideally) should have worked on newer systems with a little ldd and
> rpm2cpio magic.

only after causing much dependency chaos :-) Why disrupt everything else to
make one thing work. FOSS principals on how version control and change
management of packages should be is flawless, but they they just didn't
follow it.

> Surely i dislike reliance (i wouldn't want one entity controlling my
> >> communication, electricity, fuel etc..) but yet i use reliance energy
> >> and a reliance cell simply because:
> >
> > Monopoly = Dictatorship => we get screwed.
> Finally we agree..

i suppose we do :-)

> a. Residential consumers unlike industrial / commercial users yet can't
> >> switch electricity providers.
> >
> > true, there is SIMPLY no choice.
> Wow, we agree again..

yeah we do :-)


- vihan

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