[ILUG-BOM] Seek advice to quit Windows

Dhawal Doshy dhawal@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 17 14:42:01 IST 2007

Vihan Pandey wrote:
>> > i don't think there's any question about why hate M$ :-) i don't think
>> > Reliance is any great shakes in terms in terms of either service or
>> > promoting FOSS.
>> From what i've heard from an ex-reliance employee is that they make a
>> good effort to ensure that linux users can easily use their services.
>> Why?? i wouldn't know.
> Really? There was a major fiasco a while back regarding their dialer
> software for connecting via GNU/Linux. They made an RPM version tailored to
> Red Hat 8 which gave problems on other distro's and even later versions of
> Red Hat. On asking for support, the users were just left high and dry. i
> haven't followed up on that story since then.

At least they made an effort, can any other ISPs claim that? the base 
RPM (ideally) should have worked on newer systems with a little ldd and 
rpm2cpio magic.

> Surely i dislike reliance (i wouldn't want one entity controlling my
>> communication, electricity, fuel etc..) but yet i use reliance energy
>> and a reliance cell simply because:
> Monopoly = Dictatorship => we get screwed.

Finally we agree..

> a. Residential consumers unlike industrial / commercial users yet can't
>> switch electricity providers.
> true, there is SIMPLY no choice.

Wow, we agree again..

> b. The call quality and coverage on reliance (from my point of view) is
>> far better than hutch (dropped calls, cross communication anyone) and
>> bpl.. others like airtel and mtnl don't even qualify.. am unsure about
>> tata indicom.
> Wait till you see the wonderful bills of calls never made. Though its a lot
> better now than previously.

one word 'prepaid'.. i made a choice to never see a phone bill again.. 
and yes i know they can deduct balance without notice/reason, but so far 
i have nothing to complain (except the b******s at webworld, who i had 
to interact for an instrument change).

- dhawal

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