[ILUG-BOM] Seek advice to quit Windows

Dhawal Doshy dhawal@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 17 14:35:26 IST 2007

Varadarajan V wrote:
> Hi,
> Let me first introduce myself. I have been a silent observer of this list
> for the past 1-2 years. Though I havent contributed anything to this list,
> I very much like the concept of Linux and Free Software. Unfortunately,
> for me I learnt about this long after I went for the microsoft 
> certification
> which helped me to get a job. I work as a windows system admin (3 years)
> for living. After observing and readin a lot in this community and
> a little bit of personal experience with linux I wish to move into linux
> administration and personally I hate microsoft's way of working.
> To work in windows I need to keep myself trained in windows and for that
> i have to use windows. That goes into a vicious circle. I find myself 
> locked

And you think linux OR anything else you do in life would be any 
different? For instance: Sachin Tecndulkar saying i have to keep myself 
trained in cricket and for that i have to play cricket.. Use linux or 
anything else for a living, the fun, ease of use and not because 
everyone else is doing so.

> I am sure I would be considered as a newbie (I am one) in  the linux world
> and I see jobs are mostly for the experienced in the linux administration.

Thats a chicken and egg situation in every field.

> What should I do to make the switch? I need your suggestions.

So what do you do? first learn the basics. Try and do things that you've 
taken for granted in windows like:
a. Starting up / shutting down / restarting
b. Connecting to the Internet (that'll teach you networking basics).
c. Take down notes like you do in notepad (vi, gedit, kate, emacs all 
beautiful tools in that order ;-) )
d. Remember you need to be a user first and then an administrator.
e. Learn to create, destroy copy, move files and folders
f. Learn to navigate without windows explorer (typing cd /somedir/, ls 
-l OR ll, cd ../someotherdir a hundred time does qualify)
g. Remember you need to be a user first and then an administrator.
h. Learn how hardware works in linux and how it is different from windows.
i. Your troubleshooting skills ought to be similar as that on windows, 
just that tools and files and logs change.

> I wish to quit windows..now

not possible.. Remember you need to be a user first and then an 
administrator. I am not trying to discourage you, just be practical 
linux is no better than windows when you are hungry. Take small baby 
steps one at a time till you learn walking and then running and one day 
you'll find you are free (from windows not taxes, linux admins have to 
pay taxes)

char annas,
- dhawal

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