[ILUG-BOM] Opensource for a Small Manufacturing unit

Vihan Pandey vihanpandey@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 17 11:02:31 IST 2007

> >> cool - draft your own license and release it
> >>
> >>
> > And if you want to call it as Open Source Software get it aproved
> > by the
> > Open Source Initiative and if you want to call it as Free Software
> > get it
> > accepted by Free Software Foundation.
> not necessary - call it what you feel like calling it. Who made those
> two organisations the sole arbiters of what is what?

Very true, but i guess FSF is probably(correct me if i'm wrong) the only
organisation which keeps a track of GPL violations and does something about
it. Anyone is free to adopt any free software license they want, there's
really no ``signing up" required with anyone. Only if one has chosen one of
the FSF licenses and are violating it or violating GPL in general then FSF
can take action against the entity concerned.


- vihan

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