[ILUG-BOM] Recommend a Linux distro

Dilip Khanolkar khanolkardilip@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 17 10:57:59 IST 2007

>> yes thats true it is one of the best & stable i havent restarted my

> >> mandriva powerpack machine for about 2 months this is the average
> >> that it goes without restarting which the best in any linux i havent
> >> seen any other linux going above 1.5 months without having a restart
> >
> > Fedora Core :)
> PEBKAC, bad hardware and possibly kernel upgrades is the only reason to
> reboot a unix server.. i have seen uptimes greater than a couple of
> years on some of my servers.. We had to take them down to be completely
> replaced with newer hardware.
> One server i worked on at pair networks (in a previous life) had close
> to a 4 figure uptime (running freebsd).
thats true in my area of mumbai there are frequent voltage fluctuations due
to lack of transformers even a ups doesnt help me much so my downtimes are
mostly due to bad hardware but using mandriva linux i had a very less issues
of bad hardware than using any other linux i do a very high r&d on machine
as i am learning linux

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