[ILUG-BOM] Seek advice to quit Windows

Parthan parth.technofreak@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 17 09:09:31 IST 2007

Varadarajan V wrote:
> I have been a silent observer of this list
> for the past 1-2 years. 

A lot are, so no problem in that :)

> Unfortunately, for me I learnt about this long after I went for the microsoft 
> certification which helped me to get a job. I work as a windows system admin (3 years)
> for living. 

Nothing wrong in it, a lot of people here and in every LUG had/are 
working in Microsoft environments as well.

> personally I hate microsoft's way of working.

I am not sure what you mean but just to let you know if you did not, 
*We*, i.e. the FOSS community, are not people who *hate* M$ or any other 
organization/corporate for that matter. We are admirers/followers of the 
Freedom Software and its ideas. Although our ideas/principles/way of 
life are quite contrasting and often opposing to the proprietary 
software, there is nothing called *hatred*. Its just that we do no 
believe/interested in proprietary software ideas and we live with our 
own and as rather a bigger, successful, better community. Though 
pro-windoze sentiments gets flamed here, we do not preach anti-windows 
sentiments in our community.

> To work in windows I need to keep myself trained in windows and for that
> i have to use windows. 

There are a lot of people who use Windows in their day-to-day life, 
along with GNU/Linux and if you are using a *legal* copy of Windows its 
not a *sin*.

> I am sure I would be considered as a newbie (I am one) in  the linux world
> and I see jobs are mostly for the experienced in the linux administration.

Yes, in FOSS world only skill level matters, i.e. how much you know and 
can do, but opportunity will be provided to learn and excel. And for 
that matter, we are all n00bs too, for every thing we know there are 
atleast a dozen things to learn more :)

> What should I do to make the switch? I need your suggestions.
> I wish to quit windows..now

Its not a one hour transformation from a way different environment into 
GNU/Linux. First try to get one/some distributions like 
Ubuntu/Mandrake/Fedora Core and try installing them. Then start using 
them, may be at evening+night at home, for your general browsing, mail 
checking, song hearing activities.. get used to it. Interact with us and 
know what we *do*. And it goes on... there is no concrete way of getting 
into GNU/Linux, experience is the only way.

With Regards

Parthan (TechnoFreak)

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