[ILUG-BOM] Opensource for a Small Manufacturing unit

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jan 17 07:28:03 IST 2007

On 16-Jan-07, at 6:11 PM, പ്രവീണ്‍‌|Praveen wrote:

>> cool - draft your own license and release it
> And if you want to call it as Open Source Software get it aproved  
> by the
> Open Source Initiative and if you want to call it as Free Software  
> get it
> accepted by Free Software Foundation.

not necessary - call it what you feel like calling it. Who made those  
two organisations the sole arbiters of what is what?


Kenneth Gonsalves
Associate, NRC-FOSS
lawgon at au-kbc.org

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