[ILUG-BOM] Recommend a Linux distro

Laxminarayan G Kamath A laxminarayan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Jan 16 11:26:55 IST 2007

On Mon, 15 Jan 2007 18:29:19 +0530, Kenneth Gonsalves
<lawgon at au-kbc.org> wrote:

> On 14-Jan-07, at 11:51 PM, Dinesh Joshi wrote:
> > Now I would really like to know if there is some distro ...Proxy,
> > NAT, DNS Cache, Firewall easy to setup and web based administration
> > of the server )....only pop in the CD on a fresh machine - install
> > automatically without creating too much fuss about partitioning  
> > scheme,the packages that he wants etc.. etc..
> > web based interface

Try out deeproot.in/deepofix .. 

 . Completely _Free_ and Open Source Software. 
 . Easy to setup.. 
 . DOesnt ask for package selection etc.. very easy partitioning..
 . Very easy to use Web adamin panel
 . Indian :-) ( I work for the company )

There will be a bug-fix release two
days later.. I recommend you to download then.
You can check out the demo here ..  

We reinstall every few days (It is also our test machine) .. so
if you find the demo machine down.. please retry in 25 minutes..

If you find a feature lacking, or have some other technical query,
please use the forum on Sourceforge..


Or for any queries, you can contact us at start at deeproot.in

Laxminarayan G Kamath A
laxminarayan at deeproot.co.in

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