[ILUG-BOM] [Commercial]LinuxAsia 2007 - Call for Speakers (dates corrected)

Niraj Sahay niraj@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jan 15 18:37:32 IST 2007

Dear friends,

Please excuse me for posting this again with corrected dates.

This year, LinuxAsia's main goal is to promote open source innovations 
from India.

Hence, the organising committee (FOSII) invites 'technologists' and 
'innovators' from all over India to speak at LinuxAsia 07.

The speaker registration page is available at 

The broad genre of talks that are invited include:
a) Presentations on innovative open source projects developed in India 
or by Indians.
b) Presentations on latest developments in key open source technologies 
and tools (ex; Eclipse, MySQL, Mono, etc)
c) Presentations on initiatives to promote open source innovations in 
India (ex: Apache)

The three-day event has been divided into following broad 
First day (31st Jan 07): Trends and innovations in overall open source 
technologies and desktop technologies
Second day (1st Feb 07): Technology trends and innovations w.r.t. 
software development and databases
Third day (2nd Feb 07):     Technology trends and innovations w.r.t. 
tools for IT implementation and network management

Please note, that the speaker registration will end on 19th January 
2007, and all speaker presentations will be finalised by 22nd January 
2007 (evening).

Looking forward to your support in taking open source innovations from 
India to the next level.

Best Wishes!

Niraj Sahay
Team, LinuxAsia 07

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