[FSUG-Bangalore] Ministry meeting with RMS, Eben

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 22:34:50 IST 2008

Read the relevant portions in
It was the Karnataka team who first had a session on Free Software at
SSIT Tumkur.
SJCE Mysore has been around for quite some time.
The Karnataka team has been taking free software to remote areas and
various under privileged groups all over the State and coordinating
with many organisations working on the field.

2008/11/30 Anivar Aravind <anivar.aravind at gmail.com>:
> What is your problem with Free software user group bangalore? You were
> an active volunteer of FSUG for past 2+ years.  You were the contact
> person in a lot of FSUG Press releases.  And you represented FSUG in a
> lot of College seminars. You were Organising a FSUG's Joint Programme
> with Christ & RV college (RMS Programmes in Christ). so what is the
> issue now that makes you to say the above quote? Is it some critiques
> on FSUG's work? or is it some ideological differences?  Please
> Clarify?

Why are you bringing in unrelated issues? When did I say I am not a
part of FSUG-Bangalore.
Bangalore NOT EQUAL TO Karnataka.
The Movement is evolving and FSUG-bangalore is not. Please read
http://www.gnu.org.in/board-statement-on-recent-issues where FSF-I
claims to be undemocratic and that FSUG-Bangalore is an off-shoot of

> I Believe FSUG is still open for anybody to point their issues. It is
> the way online collectives work
> Also I believe Movement for Free Software in Karnataka was a temporary
> banner setup to address the campaign against VTU-M$  Curriculum tieup
> .  It was came up suddenly as a out put of gnus grazing (i couldn't
> able to participate in it, and there was no discussion on the list
> about timings or venue to ensure participation of all) .  As we
> supporting any Free Software cause we all supported it and
> participated in it.  But I have serious critique on making it as a
> permanent banner. Movement in Karnataka need to be created by various
> users groups and Organisations works on gass root. They can come
> together on issues affecting Free Software community. But If some one
> starts to differentiate himself from a group and starting to represent
> as a leader of an appex group, It really shows the problem. This will
> not lead us anywhere

Anivar, who are you to dictate what we should or should not do in Karnataka?
Vikram Vincent

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