[FSUG-Bangalore] RMS Karnataka plans

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Sun Nov 30 08:57:05 IST 2008

I have few requests  
 Tumkur - waiting for their response  - 
we had done a programme on free software at ssit tumkur - i can try and
see if some of the students can be contacted 

Senthil i remember you showing interest in extending your help, please
do as much as it is possible  ( we can save some money if you can get
your vehicle on the day of RMS visit to AC3 center and Christ college
event )--- please confirm if you can, otherwise some arrangement will
have to be done 
yes my vehicle is available..there might be a request for eben too..last
time folks used the vehicle....however in the interest of the slum youth
.. i would give my vehicle..if fri/sat/sun evening programme is
available for the slum youth..;) and arrange another vehicle for
eben..if its on the same day ;) 

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